Alpha has a team of experienced professionals that work with each client to provide a ‘client bespoke solution’ to:

  • Public sector organisations and agencies
  • Specialists in providing consulting supports to healthcare agencies, providers and professionals
  • Primary care centres & GP practices

A results-focused organisation, Alpha utilises industry best practices such as Total Quality Management and LEAN to deliver bespoke solutions for its clients and has worked on a diverse range of large and small projects throughout Ireland and the UK. Alpha covers support areas of:

  • Business Strategy & Operation for the Public Sector (incl. strategy and policy advice and development, research and risk management)
  • Organisational Change Management & Leadership for the Public Sector (incl Project/programme management and risk management)
  • Human Resources Initiatives for the Public Sector
  • Multi-Disciplinary Major Project Delivery for the Public Sector (high vale, turnkey public sector related projects/programmes/solutions spanning various disciplines)

Details of our services are provided below.

Alpha provides a comprehensive strategy development and business planning service that includes strategy development advice, stakeholder consultation, PESTLE and SWOT analysis, project management, desktop research, plan and report writing and engagement with organisations from Board level to front line staff.

Alpha’s Commitment

We are passionate about creative and effective strategic and business planning and its power to define the future direction of an organisation. This passion shines through in all our work and your organisation can expect a team that has significant strategic planning expertise, is highly motivated, fun to work with, yet serious about delivering high quality strategic and business plans for our clients.

Alpha’s Unique Approach

Alpha’s strategy team has consistently demonstrated their ability to provide a tailored service that adapts perfectly to the client’s culture and actively engages across the organisation and with key stakeholders. Alpha’s unique 8 stage strategy development cycle is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client organisation and ensures that the resulting strategy is robust, and evidence based. The cycle clearly defines the key activities and outcomes required at each stage of the project.

Engaging the Whole Organisation

Alpha believes that active involvement of the client organisation can and should contribute to strategy development and business planning and our team is skilled in engaging at all levels across the client’s organisation to achieve maximum engagement. We regularly run staff workshops to engage staff and ensure there is a common understanding of the strategy development process and the relationship between the vision, mission, values, strategy and the business plan.

Our strategy development service includes:
Smart practical Strategy Development Advice

An experienced strategy team that is well-informed with expertise gained from developing multiple strategy and business planning projects in Ireland and the UK

A team that quickly gains an understanding of the contextual environment of the organisation and leading practice in your sector by:

  • Engaging across your organisation and with our subject matter experts
  • Carrying out desktop research
Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Comprehensive and effective stakeholder engagement that facilitates open discussion and robust debate via

  • Meetings
  • Workshops/focus groups
  • Surveys

With Solutions to meet all needs

  • In person
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video calls
  • Online surveys
Excellent Project Management Skills

Clearly defined project plan and project charter

Ongoing project management with agreed reporting

Timely risk and issue management

Adept at Identifying the emerging themes

Skilful synthesis and consolidation of all research and stakeholder feedback to identify emerging themes for consideration

Insightful writing throughout the process
  • Reporting on all research
  • Reporting on all stakeholder engagement
  • Drafting the strategy and business plan
  • Managing the multiple review cycles.
GP Practice Management

Alpha is a leading provider of management services to the Primary and Social Care sector in Ireland and the UK. Our unique approach means that we can shape our services to support the expertise and experiential needs of your organisation. We can deliver service supports to primary care settings on site or remotely as required. We are happy to discuss your specific needs with you. (click here……)

Experienced Managers in health and Social Care

Our ability to work collaboratively with your practice team allows us to shape our services to meet the needs of your organisation. We are trusted colleagues to many Primary and Social care practices and professionals providing business and management advice that is enriched by nearly 20 years’ experience across healthcare. With the changes in GP contracts, the challenges of Covid 19 and the ever-changing environment for primary and social care, now is the time to take a fresh look at how you deliver your services.

Confidential and Collaborative Services

We provide a fully confidential service to all Clients which has been demonstrated by the trust placed in us by our many healthcare professionals, practices and nursing homes we have worked with. You can be assured of our integrity and discretion in all work we do. All our team are trained in GDPR and are skilled in implementing management techniques and policies and training staff.

Martin Lewis Introduces Alpha

Working with GP Practices

Care for Patients

Our management service includes:
Practice Check for improved performance

Holistic benchmark review of the practice and recommendations for improvements across:

  • The patient journey
  • The front office
  • IT performance
  • Human resources
  • Practice finances
  • Health and Safety
  • Quality Management
Financial Check to maximise your income

Detailed review of the practice finances and actionable recommendations to improve your finances and increase your income.

  • Private income
  • GMS income

Ongoing monitoring service to keep your finances on track

Practice Management supports

Secure the services of a part-time experienced practice manager to supplement the skills of your staff and maximise the performance of the practice.

Our collaborative approach ensures the Alpha support manager works seamlessly with clinical, practice management and administrative staff.

Human Resources and Training

Advice on improving practice staff skills and competencies

Support in addressing HR or staffing issues

Compliance with employment law

Staff training (hyperlink to training page)

  • Practice management
  • Healthcare administration
  • Practice Financials
  • Quality systems
Quality Management System

Support to develop a full QMS system to

  • Comply with HIQA
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Deliver quality services to patients and service users

Our QMS includes:

  • Health and safety
  • Infection control
  • Human resource policies
  • Patient journey
  • Practice management

The core function of health providers is to seek to improve the health and wellbeing of patients, communities and its staff through the delivery of safe, effective and quality care. Patients and service users rightly expect to receive consistently high-quality care, when and where they need it as set out in the all party Oireachtas 10 year Sláintecare vision for healthcare in Ireland:

“Right Care, Right Place, Right Time”

A quality focus ensures that processes and staff operating procedures are delivered to agreed standards that, at a minimum, meet the standards set out in HIQA’s ‘National Standards for Safer better Healthcare’. Well defined standards help describe what high quality, safe healthcare should look like and helps patients understand what to expect from well-run health services.

Alpha’s quality management system for healthcare sets out the organisational structure, procedures, processes, and resources needed to implement quality management in your practice or nursing home, in compliance with ISO standards. It provides a practical approach to achieving high quality standards that is uniquely cognisant of the challenges of the day to day delivery of your service. To discuss quality improvements in your practice or Nursing home contact us here.

Achieving Excellence in Patient Service

Alpha’s quality management systems are built on the philosophy of TQM (Total Quality Management) that enables the management of people and business processes to ensure complete customer satisfaction. However, we understand that Health care professionals operate in a very special place, making life changing decisions with patients and service users every day. Furthermore, the afore mentioned ‘processes’ must easily adapt to the unique needs of every patient depending on their illness, their support network and everyday concerns that affect us all. In other words, no two patient’s illness or circumstances are the same on any given day and this must be reflected in any quality management system. This short video, the human connection in healthcare demonstrates this point very well. It is one we, in Alpha, refer back to often to keep us focused on why a tailored approach to quality management in healthcare is so important.

Our Tailored Quality Management Systems will deliver:
Excellence in Patient Service

A quality management system that is unique to your service and puts the patient at its heart. Adapts to the changing circumstances and needs of the patient and service user. Is practical to implement by staff and shows real benefits to your practice.

Real benefits to your practice
  • Patient or service user satisfaction
  • Engaged and fulfilled staff that are equipped for robust problem solving
  • A ‘right first time’ approach to all the practice’s work
  • Removal of duplicate and unnecessary work
  • Clearly defined response to change
  • Adherence to all regulatory requirements
Total Quality Management (TQM) in practice

TQM tailored to the needs of your practice or Nursing home that:

  • Focuses on the patient or service user
  • Provides for continuous improvement in your practices
  • Ensures quality improvement that is practical and intuitive
  • Provides for accurate and useful evaluation
  • Involves all your staff
A QMS that is tailored to your needs

Alpha will support you to develop a full QMS system that

  • Complies with HIQA
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Delivers quality services to patients and service users

Our QMS includes:

  • Health and safety
  • Infection control
  • Human resource policies
  • Patient journey
  • Practice management
GDPR Compliance in all processes.

This is integral to any Alpha QMS ensuring all QMS procedures adhere to GDPR guidelines.

We also support the development of GDPR adherence procedures that:

  • Establishes your responsibilities, educates Staff and Patients, and outlines your approach to:
  • Handling access requests
  • Obtaining patient consent
  • Processing children’s data
  • Preparing a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)
  • Managing and reporting data breaches

Training in GDPR is included in our GP Practice Management course.

The Alpha team are experienced and versatile project managers working across multiple projects from strategy development, business planning, implementation planning, primary care centre development projects and improvement projects with the public health sector. Whatever your project size or shape, we can provide you with professional project management support (click here now for support)

Delivering projects on time and in budget

Alpha is an agile organisation that adapts easily to meet client’s needs and project demands. We have developed a set of methodologies, using industry best practice that incorporate LEAN healthcare, Total Quality Management and Project & Risk Management. Every project is guided by a clearly defined project plan, with key milestones and deliverables and is managed throughout, to deliver the project on time and within budget. We employ the following controls:

  • Timely and accurate reporting on the ongoing performance of the project
  • Effective deployment of resources, as well as subject matter experts, with the skills and experience to support the project throughout.
  • Planning for and managing project risks and issues
  • Adopting a collaborative approach that engages with key internal and external stakeholder groups to bring them along with the process.
Risk management

Essential to the management of any project is risk and issue rating and management. In advance of every project we identify possible risks to the project and agree a mitigation strategy and actions with the client. We prepare and manage a project RAID (Risk, Action, Issue, Decision) to carefully control our response to risks and issues, during project implementation and ensure the effective delivery of the project.

Quality management

Quality management is an integral part of Alpha’s work practices and we maintain an established Quality Management System (QMS). We are passionate advocates of quality systems and this is reflected in the high quality and consistency of all Alpha’s work.

Our quality management starts at engagement planning and occurs throughout the project’s lifecycle. For all projects, Alpha carries out a detailed review at each stage of the project and agreed deliverables are signed off before project can proceed to the next phase.

Our project management service includes:
Expert Project Management Advice

Experienced project managers with expertise gained from delivering multiple large to small scale projects in Ireland and the UK

An agile team that quickly adapts to the changing demands of a project

Ability to drive a project forward in a collaborative and cordial manner

Change Management Expertise

Skilful negotiators and mediators who are adept at getting to the heart of the matter

Alpha’s change model derives deep and meaningful insights into stakeholder views and identifies key enablers and potential barriers to change.

Extensive Project Management Toolkit

Unique set of methodologies that incorporate

  • LEAN healthcare
  • Total Quality Management
  • Project & Risk Management
Excellent Project Controls and Reporting

Clearly defined project plan, with key milestones and deliverables in

  • Microsoft project
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Effective deployment of resources
  • Planning for and managing project risks and issues
Collaborative Engagement with all Stakeholders

Comprehensive and effective stakeholder engagement that facilitates open discussion and robust debate via

  • Meetings
  • Workshops/focus groups
  • Surveys

With Solutions to meet all needs

  • In person
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video calls
  • Online surveys