Understanding & Maximising Practice PCRS Income

For the convenience of attending participants and based on our hugely successful delivery of on-line training during COVID-19, Alpha is delighted to offer its CPD certified PCRS Course on-line. The course is fully interactive, and we encourage dialogue amongst trainees who often have valuable experiences to share. During our course delivery we allow time for questions and answers and to meet the specific needs of the trainees. Our mission is that you will leave with a deep understanding of the topic.

The last two years have been particularly challenging for General Practice and has left little time for practices to fully analyse their PCRS income to see if you are getting your full entitlement from the PCRS. Yet doing so, can make a real impact on the financial performance of your practice. With so many recent changes to the income streams to keep track of, it’s easy to under-perform in areas such as STCs, practice support subsidies, leave entitlements, correctly categorizing your patients, immunization programs and so on. Add to that the Under 6s, chronic disease management and the recent Covid-19 payments and you see how important it is to fully analyse your income. Alpha’s virtual PCRS course now offers an efficient and timely approach for practices to learn about and review their PCRS income streams.

This course is designed for anyone responsible for managing PCRS claims and subsidies within the practice. It will give participants an in-depth understanding of all PCRS income sources and the rules and regulations around PCRS claims. Alpha’s PCRS monitoring tool will be used to show participants how to track, monitor and maximise the practice’s PCRS income. So for just one afternoon out, you will learn the skills needed to make sure that your practice is receiving all its entitled to and manage your PCRS income into the future.

  • Introduction to GMS revenue
  • Health Act 2012
  • Overview of PCRS and pink sheets,
  • Review of detailed PCRS payments:
    • Capitation
    • Practice Subsidies
    • STCs
    • Chronic disease management
    • Maternity claiming
    • Cervical Screening Programme
    • Childhood Immunisations
    • Holiday and study leave
    • Tracking & monitoring monthly payments
  • Claiming for eligible fees – discuss formula and mechanism to claim practice subsidies,
  • Review of PCRS Portal


Date: Date TBC. This is a 1/2 day Course. (Click Here for any queries you may have regarding the Course).

This is a CPD Certified course.

CPD Certificates will be issued following completion of course.


Venue: This course is delivered online via zoom.

Needed for participation:  This course is an interactive and participative course and requires two way video to be effective. You will need an electronic device with video and audio capability. For registered participants, a link to access the course and full instructions will be issued prior to the date. For those unfamiliar with the use of Zoom, our team can offer you a quick pre run to make sure you have video and audio are functioning in advance of starting the course.

Please Note:

New course dates to be confirmed. If interested in the Course please enter your details into our Contact Us page and we will contact you as soon as soon as we launch our next set of Training Courses. Register your interest here.

Understanding & Maximising Practice PCRS Income